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ENV The SKIN August 2023

Bianca Robertson has been part of the Margifox Family since 2014, beginning her career in VIC as a Business Development Manager.

"There are many moments that I will always hold close to my heart, such as the time I spent performing Medical Needling alongside Dr Des Fernades on his Australian Tour in 2016."
Bianca now lives on the Gold Coast, working as the Environ Educator whilst caring for her two young kids. 


What is your background with Environ Skin Care?
My association with Environ Skin Care began in 2005 whilst working for a plastic surgeon where I was doing pre and post-operative care on all the facelift patients. Dr Des Fernandes' work and vision of using vitamins A, C, and E and antioxidants to prep and heal the skin for surgical wounds became part of my scope for pre and post-operative care.

I then started educating for an Australian Skincare Company. During this time, I often used Dr Des' Medical White papers as a guide to understand how certain ingredients work on the skin and how important vitamin A is for skin health.

In 2017, I began working for Environ Skin Care as their Educator and have not looked back since.


As an educator, where do you find inspiration?
Inspiration to be an educator comes from multiple avenues… My passion for the skin, helping others with serious skin concerns, being able to educate others on skin and skin health and, of course, having the incredible brand of Environ Skin Care as my means to do so.

I believe in this brand, how it can change people's skin and lives, and the research and clinical trials that have gone into the development of Environ Skin Care.


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What are some of your goals when it comes to education?
There is a saying, "an Environ therapist is a thinking therapist." This saying applies to my goals when educating others. I do not believe that learning about a skincare brand is about "brainwashing" a therapist into believing certain products can do certain things to the skin, it is about understanding how the skin works and understanding the products you are using.

My goal is to ensure that when a therapist comes to Environ education, they understand how the skin behaves, how the different ingredients impact the skin cells and how this can influence certain skin conditions and concerns. If they can use this knowledge to confidently help others, I know I have reached my goal.


What do you feel is the value of education for staff and businesses?
Keeping up to date with your education of the skin, skin conditions and skin care products is an absolute must in our industry. The more knowledge you have, the more confidence you will have to help others with their skin concerns and create effective skin care programs. This leads to true and excellent results. If you achieve this, your business will be driven by positive outcomes, successful retail sales, and professional treatment package sales. I also believe that if you have staff that are passionate about your business and the brands you stock, you will be able to achieve your business goals. Attending regular education is the best way to achieve that.


How often do you believe one needs to attend education sessions to maintain their knowledge of Environ Skin Care?
As we all know, Environ Skin Care is a scientific and in-depth brand. Attending a retail and professional training session every two years is recommended to keep updated with your skin knowledge.


If you could share one bit of advice on staying motivated with education, what would it be?
Never stop learning, as when we stop learning…we stop growing. 


Are you an Environ stockist in QLD, VIC or TAS? Continue your Environ education journey with our upcoming classroom education sessions near you. Continue learning and book now.


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Want to learn more about treating your client's skin with Environ Skin Care? Help your clients achieve healthy skin for a lifetime, and contact us here to learn more about Environ Skin Care. Please note that Environ Skin Care is distributed by Margifox Distributors in QLD, VIC and TAS.


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