Image Relay - Your Digital Asset Library

With so much of our lives online, the need for digital assets is increasing daily. We are dependent on digital assets to stay ahead of our competitors.


What are Digital Assets?

Digital assets are items you can use to promote your brand and business in an online environment to increase your digital presence. When we talk about digital assets, think about images, videos, and content on your website, social media pages, and email campaigns.


Why do I need Digital Assets?

With technology continually evolving, so do the behaviours of our consumers. As a result, we have seen how traditional advertising forms continue to decline and watched digital advertising and promotion grow from strength to strength.

With this in mind, you must create an experience that seamlessly connects to your audience at every communication touchpoint. Greater integration between your digital assets, i.e. website, newsletter and social media, will help you deliver a cohesive and more engaging customer experience.


How do I access these assets?

It couldn't be easier! You can find our assets on Image Relay, our New Digital Asset Library, which we launched in early February.

Image Relay provides easy navigation to find all your marketing materials. The straightforward layout makes it easy to find product images, social media graphics and POS materials for your business.

You can access Image Relay either through the Professional Log In or via the direct link provided to you in the Image Relay in your Image Relay Invitation.


Didn't get an email from Image Relay?

Not to worry, simply contact our customer service team at, and we can resend the invitation to get you started on Image Relay.


Did you know?

Image Relay is more than just a Digital Asset Library but and Education Library as well. All of our education assets, from training manuals to recorded webinars, are available on Image Relay.

A great benefit to Image Relay is that you can request us to add additional access for other employees who may need to access education or marketing documents without requiring a Professional Log In account.


Digital marketing is becoming more complex as we develop new ways of effectively reaching our consumers and driving revenues online. Your digital marketing strategy and assets are essential in driving business success.

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